Bat Courses

Basic Flying-fox and Microbat Training

This all-day Basic Bat Course will give members an introduction to the care, rehabilitation and release of injured, sick and orphaned flying-foxes and microbats.

Topics will include:

      • Basic anatomy
      • Bat identification
      • Licence and legislation
      • Equipment for caring
      • Why animals come into care
      • Rescue
      • Handling
      • Housing
      • Diet
      • Basic first aid
      • Zoonoses
      • Release
      • Care of orphans
      • Vaccination requirements

Advanced Flying-fox Training

This training is to build on basic bat care. It will only cover flying-fox care and is only available to those that have attended the basic course or are current bat carers.

Topics will include:

      • Common intake reasons
      • Chain of care
      • Animal assessment
      • Treatment/care stages
      • Common injuries/illnesses & treatment
      • Extreme weather events


A carers manual will be provided after this course.

The Extreme Weather Event plan will be provided on completion of Advanced Flying-fox Training.

Please note: Only ACT Wildlife members who have a current rabies vaccination may rescue, transport or care for bats.