Injured, sick or orphaned wildlife

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ACT Wildlife Calendar 2021

This beautifully photographed calendar features animals that have come into our care. 
Swimming Wombat Photographics have donated their time to produce this calendar especially for us. It would make a perfect gift  for any member of your family.

$12.50 each

Sponsor a Species

We are offering the opportunity to sponsor one of the five species that come into our care. Bats, Birds, Possums, Reptiles and Wombats all benefit from this program. Choose your species, then choose your level, Fledgling is $5 per month, Wild Thing is $10 per month and Wildlife Warrior is $15 per month. This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves our native wildlife and is keen to see them cared for and released back into the bush.

Gift vouchers

These gift vouchers are a great way to spark a love for our local wildlife. You can buy them for yourself, your family or friends. Each gift goes towards feeding, housing and medicating the animals that come into our care.

$10.00 will care for a possum for a week
$25.00 will care for a wallaby for two weeks
$45.00 will care for a wombat for a month

$10.00 will care for a bird for two weeks
$25.00 will care for a bird for one month
$50.00 will help buy a specialised aviary for birds

Vouchers will be mailed to your address.

Choose your voucher