Reptile Course

Basic Reptile Care

This training course teaches you about techniques and equipment that you can use to care for Canberra’s injured reptiles.

Identification, basic anatomy, handling, first aid, transport will be covered. Emphasis will be placed on setting up enclosures and diets to enable you, the carer, to successfully care for and release these wonderful animals.

The most commonly seen reptiles are Blue-tongue Lizards, Shinglebacks and Bearded Dragons that have been attacked by dogs and cats, and Eastern Long-necked Turtles that have been run over by cars.

Reptiles are generally hardy creatures and often recover from serious injury. A reptile can remain in care for months due to injuries and seasonal considerations, so the correct set-up is essential.

ACT Wildlife does not rescue snakes or provide long-term care for domestic reptiles. You’ll need to be prepared to house wild animals that come into care separately from any pets you might have.