Found an Animal?

  • Dead female possums, gliders, kangaroos, wallabies & wombats: check the pouch for a joey
  • Orphaned joeys should be kept warm and wrapped, do not give milk
  • Contain injured birds in a box, keep orphaned birds warm.
  • If possible, take to a wildlife carer.
  • Do not put yourself in danger.
  • In all cases, if you are unsure, call for advice 0432 300 033

Wildlife stress

All wildlife can die from stress, sometimes without showing any signs.

It is important when you find an injured, sick or orphaned native animal that you swiftly pick it up and put it somewhere that is safe (where it cannot escape) and away from human noises, smells and pets.

Please keep the animal warm, but not hot. This will reduce stress and shock. All orphans require heat – as long as they feel warm to you. (Echidnas and wombats do not require as much heat.)

Do not feed it, call ACT Wildlife on 0432 300 033 for advice, or if seriously injured take it to a vet.