Rescue and Transport

The purpose of Rescue and Transport training is to help volunteers develop the necessary skills to rescue entangled, compromised, or ill animals of the ACT. 

We will go through some of the recognised tactics used to rescue uncontained animals. Each species will have certain recommendations based on their ‘fight or flight’ actions. At the same time the training will take into consideration the Occupational Health and Safety considerations a rescuer needs to consider.

Discussion will also include the need to assess a situation before engaging in a rescue, the variety of reasons for a call out, what to be wary of when undertaking a rescue of each species within the ACT, the type of equipment available to assist with rescues and include some anecdotes of past rescues by members of ACTW.

The Rescue and Transport Training unit will take 2 ½ hours to complete and will involve participants putting to effect a rescue situation. Please ensure you are wearing comfortable clothes suitable for any practical activity during the training.