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Sponsor a Species

ACT Wildlife is Canberra’s only wildlife care group. As a volunteer organisation, our ability to provide expert care heavily relies on donations from you, the public. Without your support, we would not be able to provide housing, food, transport, and medicine to the hundreds of native animals that come through our door each year.

We need your help!
We are excited to invite you to Sponsor a Species! The Sponsor a Species initiative allows you make small, monthly donations that will go towards purchasing essential supplies for one of five species in our care.






There are three levels of sponsorship to choose from. Any level of sponsorship is greatly appreciated!
All donations are processed safely and securely through PayPal.


$5 per month

Receive a personalised sponsorship certificate, and a thank you message on our website and Facebook page.

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Wild Thing

$10 per month

Receive the Fledgling reward,
plus a Spring and Autumn species report.

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Wildlife Warrior

$15 per month

Receive the Fledgling and Wild Thing rewards and be invited to a wildlife talk each quarter.

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Our Bat sponsors

Lisa H, Jake Naggy, Elisia Ramsey, Damian Welsh, Kelly McGannon, Jennifer Mitchell, Max Hermolin, Lisina Metionina, Helen Furniss, Andrea Lovie, Paddy Nixon, Nyree Mason,

Our Bird sponsors

Marlou Rees, Scott Monson, Kristen Baker, Jeanette Lang, Patricia Barraclough, Ruby Ishinjerro, Leonie Doyle, Wendy & Pete, Eileen Wise, Judith Downey, Elli Maher, Adam Furniss, Jane , Andrew

Our Possum sponsors

Wombat & Poss, Lucy Maher, Jenae Smith, Ericka Scott

Our Reptile sponsors

Joshua Crawford, Miah Furniss

Our Wombat sponsors

Montana Dagg, Josh & Will Porter, Patrick Kennedy, Wombat & Poss, Peter Sharman, Alexandra Evans, Rachel Armstrong, Belinda Henderson, Alin Chiver, Wild Bunji, Judith Pretzsch, Sally Godfrey, Christine Harsh, Fiona McDonald, Paddy Nixon