Meet Lovely, the Australian Magpie

Lovely, an Australian Magpie, was spotted by a member of the public who thought she may have been shot with an arrow. The MOP called us and Jane responded to the call. As Jane approached Lovely, she indeed had been shot by an arrow. Jane was able to contain Lovely and transported her to the Animal Referral Hospital (ARH). The arrow entered very close to the elbow joint which would have been disastrous if it had been damaged. Otherwise there were no structural damages. Almost the whole length of the arrow shaft went through Lovely and, thanks to ARH, they were able to remove the shaft, and provide initial treatment. Lovely was then transported to
Manuela, ACTW bird carer, who assessed her as having swelling so severe in her forearm that it pushed out four large secondary feathers but was still able to fly with all her primary feathers. After eight days in the care of Manuela, Lovely made a full recovery and was reunited with her parents.
Cruelty to animals is an offense with up to $48k in fines or three years in jail. If you see anyone being cruel to wildlife, please call our hotline on 0432 300 033.