Baby Birds

We love it when folks want to help wildlife in trouble. But sometimes they’re not in trouble, and ‘birdnapping’ occurs. Have a read to learn about birds, and share share share the word. Thank you!

Toxic Rat Bait Increase

The ABC has reported that due to recent heavy rains, mice and rats have increased in numbers and creating problems. This has resulted in more people buying baits to contain the numbers.

Our wildlife are then susceptible as they will either be attracted themselves to the bait or will consume mice or rats that have consumed the poison.

ACT Wildlife can report that this year we have seen an increase in predatory birds and possums come into care that have been poisoned.

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WIRES Grant for $5000

A grant from WIRES for $5000 has enabled us to buy rescue equipment kits for our new volunteers. A huge thank you to WIRES for their assistance. The kits contain pouches made by our sewing group, heatpacks from ARC and other items purchased by our amazing Transport Coordinator, Adam.

Two joey possums in care whose mothers were poisoned by baits.

All cats to be contained in ACT

All kittens born after 1 July 2022 must now be contained according to legislation in the ACT. Kittens grow into adult cats whose natural instincts are to kill things that move. They are one of the highest contributors to the decline of native birds so the legislation is a major advancement towards protecting our precious native wildlife.

Please keep your feline friends indoors.

Bird-spotters needed to help bring Gang-gangs back from the brink

Calling all bird enthusiasts. Canberra woodland bird specialist Dr Laura Rayner is calling for help to spot one of the nation’s most iconic, yet threatened bird species – the Gang-gang cockatoo. Dr Rayner’s research is exploring whether the birds are breeding and she needs the help of citizen scientists to spot and report sightings of the birds overtime. Details can be found at The Riot Act.

Meet the 2022 ACT Wildlife Committee

On 20 March ACT Wildlife held their Annual General Meeting and elected a new committee. Lindy Butcher remains as President, Jane Whyte is the new Vice-President, Don McLeod remains as Treasurer and Dorothy Brown remains as Secretary.

Long-term President and Vice-President Marg Peachey, has stepped down from the committee and her vast contribution to the organisation was acknowledged along with thanks for the years of committment.

What helps rescued wildlife stay alive?

Researchers at the University of Sydney have completed a comprehensive meta analysis identifying five factors that impact wildlife survival outcomes for injured and displaced wildlife. The research has been published in Plos One (, and a summary can be read here: